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Cretan Essence

Escape in Crete... 

A story of memories, of fragrances, of botanic treasures, of ancient secrets of beauty, the «Cretan Miracle».

A unique range of cosmetics using exceptional organic ingredients from Crete, whose efficacy is traditionally and scientifically proven, promoting rejuvenation, well-being, balance and skin care.

The strict selection of raw materials and the formulation with the maximum degree of naturality are a guarantee of quality, efficiency and safety.

From the pharmacy of nature were selected active extracts of herbs, flowers, vegetables, fruits and nuts, issued from of the rich biodiversity of the area, honey, in combination with virgin organic olive oil and olive leaf extract, rich in antioxidants and nutrients. Olive oil, an elixir of health and longevity from the Minoan era until today, the "liquid gold" according to Homer and beneficial for more than 60 healing diseases according to Hippocrates, is a key element of the  famous Cretan Diet, which is a model of a balanced nutrition.

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