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If you want to learn the secrets of natural  cosmetics and create your own skincare product, you can attend these workshops .

They are conducted in small sections of 4 to 6 people in our laboratory in Athens - in the area of Cholargos.

You will elaborate your own personalized formulas depending on the subject of the workshop, which you will bring at home.

You can also suggest topics that interest you and share creative moments with your friends.

Suggested topics:

1. Initiation to Emulsions - Personalized face or body cream

2. Surfactants and Foaming products - Shower gel and Shampoo

3. Massage oils with essential oils

4. Soaps

5. Liquid soaps

6. Products for face and body

7. Exfoliating Products and Masks

8. Phytotherapeutic Products - tinctures, balms and oils

9. Phytotherapeutic recipes depending on the season (for cold, detox etc.)

10. Ecological detergents


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