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About Côté Déprés

The brand Côté Déprés, based on our long expertise and  experience in the field of French cosmetology, presents a basic, holistic, tailor-made care program with multi-functional products, aiming at wellness and skin balance. With French know-how, from Paris to Athens, Côté Déprés develops products that promote quality and harmony.

The brand  is divided into two product ranges:

- The basic line based on innovative and effective natural active ingredients  in their optimal concentration, refined velvet textures and scents in a "sensory" and "glamorous" general approach.

- The organic Cretan Essence line based on the use of herbal teas, extracts and tinctures made mainly of Cretan herbs, rich in antioxidants, high quality medicinal plants and essential oils, scientifically proven. It is addressed to people with ecological conscience who seek pure, qualitative and authentic products. 


All skincare products from both lines can be used without limits in combination, in order to maximize their effect.

Research, development and production takes place in Greece in small quantities, so that products are always delivered fresh.

Our goal is to promote direct contact with you, to give you the best possible advices, so as to offer your own personal formulation that meets the desires and needs of your skin, depending on your lifestyle.

Thank you for trusting us by actively supporting our products.

The skin, mirror of life, surface of expression, of memory, identity and  evolution,  is healthy and beautiful, as a result of the global internal, external, as well as emotional health.

The brand Côté Déprés, focused on the balance and harmony, aims at promoting natural beauty and wellbeing with "pleasure" products that provide a unique sensory experience.

We believe in the power of nature which for centuries heals, soothes, protects, nourishes, regenerates and restores; and in the great value of Greek herbs and plants due to morphoclimatic factors.

We select high quality active ingredients in their optimum concentration according to new trends and advancements in cosmetology, sometimes reflecting the traditional knowledge and certainly the wisdom of nature in order to create products that protect and enhance skin youth instantly revealing its glow and health.

Scientific credibility, innovation, natural approach, cosmetic quality, safety and efficacy combined with pleasure in use, sum up our philosophy.

We are pleased to offer you effective solutions and made-to-mesure holistic beauty and wellness everyday products according to your specific needs.

The Creator

A trained chemist, passionate about nature and alternative therapies, I moved to Paris, where I studied cosmetology and worked in the R&D sector for well-known cosmetic companies for over twenty years.

Believing in the healing and beneficial power of nature’s ingredients, I got specialized in phytotherapy and aromatherapy.

Returning to Greece and with the encouragement of friends to create their ideal product, especially for them, the line “Côté Déprés” was born. Respecting the personality, the needs and desires of each individual and encouraging direct contact and dialogue, I created this essential range of multi- functional products, in search of tailor-made products. They focus on well-being and pleasure derived from the use of the product, as well as on efficiency and restructuring of the skin, either by their texture and fragrance, or thanks to their multiple action.

The beauty is in the personal balance and harmony, and my goal is to create compositions which not only enhance radiance and skin health, but elevate mood at the same time.

The constant contact with the trends and the latest technological developments and my desire to put in a formula high quality natural ingredients from my home, Crete , led me to create this new organic range , “Cretan Essence”: inspired by the memories of my childhood, the Cretan tradition and the Minoan secrets of beauty, the scent of the island, its botanic treasures and the Cretan diet.

I invite you to discover the products “Côté Déprés”, reflecting my own vision based on personal and professional values. You can formulate your questions, your impressions and ideas and thus contribute to the development of new concepts that match your personality.

Thank you for your trust.

Dina Syntzanaki

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