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Roll-on for imperfections

A mixture of oils specially designed for problem and acne prone skin.

Helps reduce rashes and other blemishes.


Contains an effective complex of essential oils with antimicrobial, soothing and balancing properties (lavender, tea tree, grapefruit, geranium) in combination with vegetable oils (black sesame, jojoba, almond, macadamia) with moisturizing* and balancing action to combat skin imperfections.


100% natural.


Do not use in children under 6 years.

Roll on anti-imperfections

10 Milliliters
  • Application

    Apply it topically several times a day in the affected area. Helps effectively reduce skin imperfections, cleanses and disinfects problematic skin.

    Do not use in children under 6 years.

  • Active ingredients

    • Vegetable oils from black cumin, jojoba, almond, macadamia, with moisturizing* and regulating action to combat skin imperfections
    • Lavender, tea tree, grapefruit, geranium essential oils with regulating, soothing, antiseptic and antibacterial action
    • *moisturizing the upper layers of the skin
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