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After Shave Gel

protects, hydrates, revitalizes

After-shave gel with a fresh fragrance that relieves and softens the skin from irritation and small cuts caused by shaving, cools, revitalizes, protects from pollution and hydrates*, to get the skin in perfect form all day, full of glow and vitality.
* hydration of the upper layers of the skin

Αfter Shave Gel

75 Milliliters
  • Application

    Daily use on the face after shaving to clean, dry skin, or any time your skin requests revitalization, protection and freshness.


  • Active ingredients

    • Extract from the plant Bacopa Monniera, one of the main plants of Ayurvedic medicine, with antioxidant, anti-irritant and anti-inflammatory action
    • Olive leaf extract, a real "life force" for cells, with antioxidant action against pollution and premature ageing of the skin
    • seaweed and ginseng with a refreshing, moisturizing * and rejuvenating action that provides energy, ion balance and power to skin performance facing the daily intense physical activity
    • Vitamin B5 with soothing and healing action.


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